More Speedpaints

Here a couple of paints i did it!


Some of speedpaintings i did these months for Daily Spitpaintings group in facebook. Each of them are made around 30 min. Really nice exercise to improve and learn.

Hope you like it!!!

Pandaren monk Season 14 (Wow FanArt)

Hi guys! I´m working on several concepts to keep learning and improving. This one  is a fanart of  my favorite game (Wow) in this case is season 14  for Pandaren Monk.
Hope you like!!

Frozen Fan Art Breakdown/tuto

Well, after seeing that many people loves my last work and a many of you asked me to do a tutorial, then here you have it!
I would like to say thanks for all the comments, greetings and all shares. It is incredible and exciting, and you give me the energy to continue doing more!.

I do not know if the quality is good here, so I leave here a link to my dropbox with best resolution. I recommend you to download.

Also I leave the link Hazardaous materials of the skin and material Zbros's eye.

Enjoy it!!

Frozen Fan Art

This weekend i saw Frozen the last film of Disney and i want to dedicate some fan art to this awesome character, i worked on it all sunday!

I hope you like it, enjoy!!!!

Comicon Challenge 2014 Wip Lobo2

Another wip for the comicon , now i think its time to make it better more or less im happy with the design :). Hope you like it! 

Comicon Challenge 2014 Wip LObo

Here is another wip for the comicon challenge 2014, i´m continuing sketching in zbrush with this guy :). Hope you like it! 

Comicon Challenge 2014 Wip LObo

Before to write something i must to say you Happy new year!!!!hehehe 
Here is my first wip for the comicon challenge 2014, i want to make Lobo in retrofuture version with some biomechanics parts, he come back from the 80s future for kick some ass.

New ERA!

I would like to share some great news that makes me very happy. Next month I will move to Cambridge to start work in Ninja Theory such as Character Artist!!!
For me this will be the beginning of a new era, i hope to  settle down aoon and continue to share more characters with you guys.
Thanks for your support

Published on 3D Artist Issue 59

I´m very happy because I just get my first published on 3D Artist (Issue 59), you can check my character Libertaria and other amazing and interesting material to check.

Thanks 3DArtist!

Available printed and online versions here: 

Dagger Monk

I want to start working different objects/charcters to practice hand-painted textures, this dagger was the first. Hope you like it!

Thank you!!

No better gift in life that to see people admire your work, professionals, students, websites, forums, colleagues, friends, etc.. Really, it´s very very beautiful.

  I am surprised to see my work together with people I admire and who inspire me with their work. I'm glad to see people add my images to lists of favorites with great artists. I promise never believed it and today I hard to believe.

I still have much to learn and I hope to have opportunities in life, because I'm dying to have them and keep learning.
Every beginning is hard and I want to say thanks for all your support.
Are many hours I spend working to someday make my dream come true, unfortunately forgetting many beautiful things in life ... family, friends ,etc

I want from here in my little room, say thanks to all the people around me for helping  and understand me. Especially family, friends, and my love Cris.

This journey is difficult but hopefully not impossible.

Thanks for ALL :)

Shadow Priest

Well this character started with another concept but I decided to do a close-up and work it, hope you like it!

Sketches in the lost time

How long  we lose when we make renders, decimation, etc? Muuuuch time!!!! Hehehe. 

These are some sketches i did in that lost time.

Another  characters bust. Is a wip for a personal design , the brutal warrior hehe!

Some concepts!

Priest Wip

Hello! Im working in some different characters bust, i leave you with a wip for one of them. Is a fan art from world of warcraft, the goblin priest with t5 :)

Hello! Here I leave the link to the tutorial Oravores my character, created for all of you! 

Project Overview: Oravores -- Discover how Daniel Orive created his own version of the mysterious Oraveres race from best-selling video game Mass Effect in ZBrush and Max.h!

Oravores has been awarded!

My character Oravores  besides being third in the challenge, has been awarded with the  excellent award in Cghub  and 3DTotal .
Thank you very much!

Oravores have the third place!!

I want to say thanks to Bioware EA, cghub ,and all people who support me. I think it was a difficult choice for the judges because they had very good works to choose.
Thank you for my third place!!!!! Im very very Happy

CgHub Bioware Mass Effect Challenge "Turnaround Picture HD"

HI guys!! I want to share my turnaround picture with more size hehe!
I hope you like it!!

CgHub Bioware Mass Effect Challenge "Final Pictures"

HI guys!! Here are my final pictures!
I appreciate all the interest you have shown, I wish good luck to all.
Thanks everyone for support!!

Special thanks to Carlos Hernandez for help me with te rig and Luis Duran for show me the amazing vray world.
Really really thanks, i hope you like it!!!!!!

CgHub Bioware Mass Effect Challenge "Oravores ColorWip"

Which combination of colors I choose? chan chan chaaaaaaaaaan: S

CgHub Bioware Mass Effect Challenge "Oravores Cg"

Still working hard on this character!! Finally, the modeling is done, now I'm working on the materials and textures. But first I wanted to show some pictures of the character and the wireframe.
The character is thought for my first attempt at CG, of course :

Of course she is not punk, will have a rig run by a great friend: D  
Hope you like it!

CgHub Bioware Mass Effect Challenge "Wip armor High"

I´m continuing working in my character for mass effect challenge, i need a couple of days for refining it, and after that i will start with the textures.

I hope you like it! :) 

CgHub Bioware Mass Effect Challenge "Wip armor High"

 Wip Wip Wip !!I hope you enjoy it!!! Wip Wip Wip

Render out!: number 17 - año VI

I am very happy because today has published the magazine that I made my first tutorial (Libertaria - 027), those difficult times where the 3D was a doubt in my head.
I would like to thank everyone who makes I forget this doubt.
Artists, friends, family, internet ... thanks!

Download here!!! 

CgHub Bioware Mass Effect Challenge "Wip armor High"

Happy New Year to all!!!
I am very glad to have the opportunity to continue making art and have the support of many people, 2012 has been good but it's still hard to get my goal. But in 2013 I will be more near  :)

A few days ago I started working the high model for the  bioware´s challenge . I leave you with some WIP pictures from Max viewport (nitrous)
  I hope you enjoy it!!!

CgHub Bioware Mass Effect Challenge "Sketch armor"

I´m sketching the armor. Its my first design, but i want to make another more.