Dominace War " God of FearWard" 1st part: sketch + background

Hi! im working on DominaceWar V , im making the God of Fearward :) now a little background story:

Since the primeval creation of men, a dark passenger was cruelly imposed to him, an entity residing inside him that made him aware of his own existence and his fragility and insignificance in an ancient, dark and full of dangers world. A pitch-black being within each man, which could catch between its claws even those called to the most heroic deeds.
That being was called Fear.

Fear became the greatest threat to men, a dangerous obstacle even for the very evolution of societies. Therefore, the High Sphere decided to intercede in order to save their most valuable whim: the human being.

The Goddess of Fear Ward sacrificed her divine condition to become the consolation, the relief, the cure of the evil within every human being at war with itself. Fear was able to disorient and confuse explorers and to frighten warriors in the middle of the bloodiest battle. But now, the Goddess was there. Now, the men had something to pray for, something to ask for their salvation, a needed help that only the Fear Ward could grant them by purifying their Fear and extracting it from the deepest corner of their hearts.

After centuries among the mortals, the Goddess carries a heavy burden. Each prayer, each plea, from the fear of death of a sick man to the failure panic of a king, all are retained by the Goddess' divine power. And that has its cost.

Thus the Goddess, delicate and fragile in days gone by, now supports on her shoulders and back a container armor with all the humans' Fear, a cover which penetrates to her immortal divine spark, growing every passing day and increasing the Pain that the Goddess stoically endures.

The Goddess of Fear Ward is aware of her role on Earth. She knows that without her the future of mankind is uncertain, but she is as aware of this as of her very own end, of the impossible mortality that Fear is causing her, against which she fights everyday.

While men is men, Fear will present eternal battle. The Goddess stands.