Comicon Champions 2011!!! Ice Ghost Rider place 5th :)

Im very happy about my place in the comicon champions !!! i have the 5th place !!!! Thanks a lot gameartisans for the great competition ! Congrats to all !

Judges comments about Ice ghost rider:

3D Judge | Damien Canderle | Character Artist | Ubisoft Entertainment4th Place - danitchu - Ghost Rider Great idea. I'm cold just looking at him.

-3D Judge | Kouji Tajima | Freelance Modeler & Texture Artist3rd place - Daniel "danitchu" Orive Very good expression, really nice modeling with Zbrush and the texturing is done extremely well. Converting Fire into Ice... a great touch! The final result is really impressive.

-3D Judge | Michael "walur" Dashow | Art Director | Watercooler Inc2nd place - Danitchu - Ghost Rider This entry will win when hell freezes over... oh, wait... Anyhow, it's the unexpected theme and head that totally makes this piece for me. Given how distorted the face's proportions are, it might have been nice to see some similar liberties taken with the body anatomy, but great work! (And I love the carving on the base, too)

If you want to see this is the oficcial link: