KER´ZHUL " The Diablo Rogue" LowPoly Model Wip "Bake"

Hi!!,im working with the texture but i want to post the bakes for Normal and AO maps.
This character have the armor in diferent parts because maybe ill make diferent style for this character in the future.
The Diablo have 8299 tris and used 1 texture 1024x1024, the armor have 5739 tris and used 1 texture 1024x1024 and the ker´zhul have three daggers (1st: 508tris, 2nd: 84tris, 3rd:134tris) , all in 1 texture 512x512

Ker´zhul with her armor have 13260 tris and the total scene have 16026tris.
Enjoy it!!!