Thank you!!

No better gift in life that to see people admire your work, professionals, students, websites, forums, colleagues, friends, etc.. Really, it´s very very beautiful.

  I am surprised to see my work together with people I admire and who inspire me with their work. I'm glad to see people add my images to lists of favorites with great artists. I promise never believed it and today I hard to believe.

I still have much to learn and I hope to have opportunities in life, because I'm dying to have them and keep learning.
Every beginning is hard and I want to say thanks for all your support.
Are many hours I spend working to someday make my dream come true, unfortunately forgetting many beautiful things in life ... family, friends ,etc

I want from here in my little room, say thanks to all the people around me for helping  and understand me. Especially family, friends, and my love Cris.

This journey is difficult but hopefully not impossible.

Thanks for ALL :)