CGMA - Color&Light - with Tyson Murphy

A couple of months ago, I made the Color&Light Course with Tyson Murphy and Ryan Lang in the CGMA.
I am really happy with the results. Besides the fact that I improved greatly in color, light and materials, the experience with the teachers was great, they have made a huge effort teaching us everything.
These are some exercises I made during the course. 

1. This was an exercise based on values​​, not using more than five, and trying to recreate a mid range, a high key, full range, etc.

2. These are some examples about working with materials.

3. These are color studies based on environment photos.

4. These are color studies made by using some references.

5. This is a character study where the color and the backlight were the most important aspects.

6. This was at the beginning the final exercise, but I did not finish it, because I did not have enough time.
I will get done in the future.