Udyr FanArt

Finally I found some time to finish this piece, a fan art for one of my favourite champions in#leagueoflegends #udyr :)

Takisha Sketch

Basically I've done this concept with the proposal to make it with clay :)

Body Types - Anatomy Study

Learning and practising different shapes for body types exercise.

New adventure!

I would like to say something to all my friends who have noticed I have been missing lately.
This year is being so special, with so many changes approaching and so many decisions that have been made. The best one was to get married this year with the person I love the most, and also to achieve a goal I have dreamt and worked a lot for.
For everybody who knows me well, you know I have been wondering between few different options to take my decision, and I am sure, finally, I have chosen the best one. :)
The last friday was my last day at Ninja Theory, where I have been working for the last couple of years, and where I have met a lot of very nice people and awesome artists, that always will have a place in my life.
Living abroad gave us the opportunity to know ourselves well and appreciate more what we are and we have, and also, thanks to these years, it looks like, finally, I speak a bit of english! :)
The new year is coming with very good vibes and everything is kind of ready for me to start working in one of the best video game’s studios. I can’t wait to meet my new mates and to start this new adventure in California together with my love.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year 2016!!   

3D Artist - 86

Hi Guys,
3D Artist Magazine has published an article talking about my pipeline on -how to create Style Fibermesh Hair- . The kind of hair I made for the "Etsuko project".

Here you are the link if you want to get this magazine issue. Enjoy!!

Interview 3DTotal

Hi guys! Here is a Interview I did with 3DTotal. If you want to know more about me or if you're just bored and have nothing better to do, have a read this weekend... hehe, Hey! Who knows... maybe it turns out to be interesting!

Thanks to ‪#‎3dtotal‬ for allowing me to do this piece.

Inktober 2015

Hi! I'll accept this challenge and hopeful have time enough to do it hehe ‪#‎inktober‬

Inktober #1

Gnomon Gallery - The Art of Zbrush

HI guys I'm glad to say i'll be part of the amazing exhibition in the Gnomon Gallery "The Art of Zbrush" ,Is a honor share gallery with many ZBrush Central legends.

Here you are the offcial link of the event https://www.gnomon.edu/community/gnomon-gallery/the-art-of-zbrush

Update: Here you can see some pictures with my pieces there, yayyy!!! #‎zbrushsummit2015‬


Dude for Rob's Army

Inspired by my friend and super talented Artist Rob Sevilla, I decided to make a dude for his army :P

Speed Paint Study

This is a speed paint I did just for color study, sometimes I do after dinner hehe.

Dragon Bust

This is something I did the last weekend just for fun!
Hope you like it :)

"El matador" Anatomy Base

Recently I finished one of the best Tv series I've seen in my life and I'm totally inspired to make a character in the same universe...Which? Sons Of Anarchy :)

Here is the Anatomy study I did for him, I'll update more wip's soon.

The Sculpture was made in Zbrush 4r7 and rendered in MAx with Vray
Hope you like it!

Interview with WowChakra

The guys from Wowchakra did a interview , talking about my work and my award in Blizzcon 2014, sorry is in spanish. But always google translator helps... hehe.

Also I would like to say thanks to them, was amazing!


Another Color studies!

Well here i did another study in this case i took for reference the big king Ragna!!, also im trying to learn different styles and techiniques.
Hope you like it!!!


Ou yeah! This is a good way to start my day hehe. Thanks to everyone i really appreciate all the support, like comments, shares , toprow, likes... everything hehe. Sometimes this things helps to keep going :)

Concept Color Studies

I usually work in color studies when i have a bit of free time hehe,  yesterday i did another one  and i thought also  would be nice to share my process.
Hope you like it

Things i did for Pixologic working in the 4r7 beta team!

As you well know i've been involved with the beta team for the amazing new Zbrush 4r7, was really cool and i think they have really cool new features like Zmodeler or the bridge between keyshot and Zbrush.
Anyway i would like to share here things i did for them , hope you like it!

Grommash the conqueror - 3rd place - Art contest Blizzcon 2014

Hey guys! I would like to share with you what I did for Blizzcon art contest , I was lucky to get the 3rd place Hope you like it!

Daniel Orive Breakdown

Hi Guys! I just to share a breakdown in zbrushcentral and i thought maybe is useful sharing it here as well.
The breakdown is about the process i usually work with Zbrush.
Sorry if i have not been as accurate as i used to be, but i have no much time right now. Anyway, I would be pleased to answer any questions.

Also i leave you a high resolution breakdown in my dropbox

Thanks for reading!!

World of Warcraft Fan Art - Grommash Hellscream

As you know I am a big fan of World of Warcraft, and I am really excited about the new expansion Warlords of Draenor.
So while waiting for the expasion, I decided to do a Fan Art and to improve the hand paint textures as well. 
As a starting point, I decided to model in high, just to test if it would be useful to paint the textures on it. Finally I used the high model just as a reference to make the lowpoly model and to start with the textures from the Ambient Oclusion references.
I have to thank my friend Rik for helping me with the rig and the animation that you will see soon. Nevertheless here you go an idle to start with. Hope you like it!

World of Warcraft Fan Art - Alleria Windrunner

Here you go another Fan Art of the World of Warcraft universe. This time I decided to make the oldest of the Windrunner sisters.
The lore of this character is quite interesting. I leave here a link of the WoWWiki for you to take a look. Did you know one of the statues on the entrance is her?

I leave as well a breakdown to show you roughly how I develop a hand paint textures work without actually making the model in high.
Hope you like it!

Hand Paint Weapons

Some time ago I was working on some weapons, and now I have decided it was time to carry on with it again.
Here you go the concepts of few of them and some of the final 3D works.
Hope you like it!

Works for Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2

Here you go a selection of some characters and statues I made for Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2.
The renders are made in Keyshot. The best solution I have found to imitate the marble is by using a Skin shader.
Hope you like it!